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Standard British English - Accent Your Character [Audio Book]

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Paul Meier
Download Free Audio Book Accent Your Character - Standard British English http://bit.ly/1c8EX3h
Dialect training for roleplayers, storytellers, and other casual pretenders.
Add some kick to your characters with some quick and simple dialect training. Paul Meier has been training actors for over 25 years and now offers his experience to the casual pretender in these entertaining presentations. You will find accent tips, colloquialisms, and charismatic character concepts that will add to your storytelling, roleplaying, or cosplay.
Each presentation includes an overview of the common sounds you will hear in the dialect and exercised in several hilarious encounters you might find in your stories or games. Paul Meier is as entertaining as he is informative, making the program easy to pick up and listen to again and again.

Язык: Русский
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Автор: Learn English Conversation